General Manager - New Appointment

Recently Paul Bagnato was promoted from his role of Head of Vans Sales at Mercedes-Benz Melbourne to the role of General Manager of Mercedes-Benz Melbourne Airport. The promotion comes after numerous consecutive years of Paul being awarded Vans Sales Manager of the Year by Mercedes-Benz Australia.

We congratulate Paul on his promotion and we asked him a few questions about how his career has developed.

1.Tell us, briefly about your career journey to this point and what would you nominate as your highlight, other than this new appointment?

I’ve been in the car industry from an early age with a strong influence from my dad who owned car dealerships.

I’ve been a business owner for the large majority of my career. I decided 5 Years ago to join the prestigious brand of MB and that opened up new challenges and training pathways

A highlight was winning MB Guild as Sales Manager and Dealer of the Year in my first full year. I’ve been privileged enough to win it each year since.

2.What has your time at MBM taught you about how to interact with Mercedes-Benz customers and about how LSH Auto does business?

MB and LSH particularly have taught me the values of nurturing long-term relationships with customers and to provide convenient, flexible and deeply tailored service at every step.

3.Moving to a GM role will involve new skills and challenges, what do you especially look forward to mastering?

There will be much to grasp, I’m sure! But if I was to pick one, I’d say the relationships and culture within the MB Airport team would be the most beneficial. I’ll also looking for opportunities to grow and develop with dealership.

4.How do you think the last 2 years of pandemic disrupted business will impact on how you do business in the future?

The auto industry is constantly faced with challenges; the pandemic being considerably challenging. I believe having a flexible approach and being able to pivotis essential in this era of uncertainty.

5.From the exciting future product showcased by Mercedes-Benz at the recent IAA in Munich which do you think will connect the best with Australian luxury car buyers?

The EV shift is picking up speed, especially in the luxury segment where Mercedes belongs. I especial like the all-electric EQS. It’s a tech-forward and sleek flagship for MB and I can’t wait to take one for a drive!

6.What are your passions outside of work, what lets you relax and what do you look forward to in your personal time?

I’ve been passionate about cars my entire life; I doubt that’ll ever change! Besides cars, my family are my no.1 passion. My partner, Tarahand two young children, Rudy and Pia not only are the centre of my universe, but they also keep me busy every moment of my personal life too!